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These Limited edition prints are photographs printed on

archival metalic paper.  They are not "Reproductions".

These photographs were taken standing in front of the

painting using only the available light at a museum or

the archives in the basement of a museum with dim

lighting. This results (as much as possible) as

viewing the painting in person, canvas shine, damage

and detail. These are not catolog shots.

I am a photographer, I tried to use my skills to

help convey Agnes's messages of light. My work was

done in Agnes's bedroom and I have always felt

she was there to guide me. Many times I got the

message "NO" or "That's Better".

I am making 25 numbered prints of this series. I have 

keept the price down to very little markup.

The are available for a $50.00  (shipping inc.)

tax exempt donation

to the Agnes Pelton Society.  Just use the drop down

BUY NOW button and select last option 20X30 prints.

Peter Palladino


                                       "Sea Change 1931"  (SOLD OUT)

                                        "Untitled 1931"

                                "Passion Flower 1943"

Passion Flower                                          "Memory 1937"

                                                     "White Fire 1930"


                                                                      "Mount of Flame 1932"

                                                                                  The Voice 1930